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Design For Recodition, Making Lumber And Lumbercore Plywood


  • The principle of saw cutting under the wood makes the cutting process more steady and smoothly also safer for operating.
  • Feeding by the feeding roller which has long service life, the shortest processing length is 250MM.
  • There are 6 sets upper feeding roller with 200MM central distance, the press pressure is offer by the cylinder, it is easier to adjust.
  • There is large stroke of the upper press pressure cylinder that can press the timber even cutting different thickness size timber to ensure that safety operation.
  • It is easy to operate the upper machine stand and saw blade main arbor by electrical adjustment.
  • The height of the saw blade and the upper, lower machine stand relative safety switch is located on the upper side of the machine, it is easier to adjust and inspect.
  • The digital display of the feeding speed is more convenient to manage by vision.
  • The feeding speed is controlled by the frequency converter, it is convenient to adjust.
  • When the load of the main arbor becoming large, the feeding speed will reduce automatically to achieve the best cutting situation.
  • he spacer ring between the saw blade is made of aluminum alloy.
  • The cutter axle is adopted Europe SKF bearing, high quality and steady.
  • The cutter axle and feeding roller axle are all through the strict heat-treating, it will not damage even the heavy load.
  • The electrical elements and related parts are adopted high class and steady quality to install electrical devices by company according to decades of experiences. Insure smooth operation and low breakdown rate.
  • The main arbor belt wheel and the motor belt wheel are fixed by the conical collar.
  • All the elements and parts of the machine are recorded clearly while producing and machine to ensure the fast and correct supplement service and maintenance service.

Optional Equipment

Anti-kickback A: (standard) General anti-kickback: process height is less than 60mm, for short timber and general use.
Anti-kickback B: Heavy duty anti-kickback: process height is less than 80mm, for lumber-core processing only.
Anti-kickback C: Heavy duty anti-kickback: process height is less than 80mm, it can prevent the timber not press properly kickback.
Anti-kickback D: High-increase style anti-kickback: the process height is less than 130mm, for large timber.
Long guide board and feed-in roller table for long timber processing While processing long timber, it will decrease the failure by using the long guide board, the length of the board is 2250mm.
Line laser rating It will produce laser base line to assist operation and decrease the lose of the timber, raise the work efficiency by installing the line laser rating.
Feeding approach board assist side press roller Assist to approach tight to the guide board while feeding by worker.
Rubber coated roller To prevent damage the timber.

RS-250B / RS-310A

RS-250B / RS-310A Specification

Dimension of plane cutter External diameter Ø255mm~Ø405mm(Ø8〞~Ø16〞), hole diameter70mm
Max. process thickness 55mm(10〞), 80mm(12〞), 105mm(14〞), 130mm(16〞)
Max. process width 250mm 310mm
Min. process length 250mm
Revolution of cutter arbor 3300 rpm/50Hz, 4000rpm/60Hz
Feeding speed 2 - 30 m/min
Saw arbor motor 30 HP, 40 HP, 50HP
Lifting motor of saw arbor 1/4 HP
Feeding motor 3HP (frequency converter control the feeding speed )
Lifting motor of feeding roller 1/2 HP
Table dimension L2100 x W430 x H800mm
Machine dimension L2560xW1217 xH1650mm
Machine weight (approximate) 2220Kg 2250Kg
For continuing research and development, our company reserves the rights to modify / change of the machine spec.